nuts for the a’s

cookie 001.jpgthis past weekend, while prepping for monday’s game i drew a blank. ugh, i had no idea what to bake. chocolate bark, fruit bars, coconut date rolls? with tickets in the first row, i knew that whatever i delivered, it had to be good because if i gave the bullpen something awful, well, the pitchers would know exactly where to find me. in fact, i had visions of the gatorade tub being dumped over my head during the seventh inning stretch, which would make for a cold, sticky, and artificially flavored ride home. so sunday night, i trashed the kitchen and made everybody’s favorite, the chocolate chip cookie. mine featured massive pecan halves, chocolate chunks, and chocolate chips.

cookie 000.jpgnaming these cookies proved harder than it would seem, and with 20 minutes left at work, i printed out a sign with one of the worst titles ever: show me your pecan-off move chocolate chunk cookies. you’ve got to say it out loud, and even then, you’ll hear groans from every which way. sorry about that…

sitting at the end of the first row in sec. 129 made me more cautious; i couldn’t throw the cookies, and the foot traffic at that end of the bullpen was minimal, especially with the gas heater on the fritz and 3/4 of the bullpen flocking to the clubhouse to warm up their highly sensitive fingers and palms. thankfully, by the fifth, i was able to loudly whisper to mike wuertz, who leaned back as i leaned forward for a successful hand-off.

cookie 003.jpgthe view from our seats was great, and what was even better was watching the game on the dvr later and being able to catch our fuzzy selves in the background over and over again. too bad that the coliseum was spartan at best; the advertised attendance hovered around 10K, which seemed about 8,000 too many for the seats filled (and for the concessions that were barricaded–again, no veggie burgers).


So you’re the one who brings yummies to the bullpen. I had heard there was someone who brought them sweets.
I went to the game on Sept 3rd (apparently the night after you did). I usually sit in Section 123, but I wandered down to the bullpen to talk to Jeff Gray and Brad Kilby, whom I interviewed at the Arizona Fall league in 2007. They have become friends so I wanted to say hi to them and congratulate Brad on getting his first cup of coffee with the A’s.
I too was astounded at how few people were in the stands. The attendance was announced at 10,000+, but there was no way there were more than 5-6 thousand actually in the stadium.
I too love all things A’s.
I love watching the young guys learn the game of baseball and how they get better each time I see them. I’d rather watch them than some big ego who just goes through the motions. These young kids play their hearts out.
I’ll keep coming back to your blog. Keep up the good work and good food for the guys. Check out my A’s blog at:

Me again. If you like my blog, would you consider adding it to your A’s links?

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