you can call me your sugar mama


it may be a round of kitchen confessions. i got in a little over my head with this last round of baking. i had the kitchen to myself, and hocked up on sugar and corn syrup, i worked myself into quite a late-night frenzy saturday evening. with a liquid concoction bubbling on the stove and me reading the recipe under a dim light 15 feet above me, i see the sekret recipe calls to boil said ingredients until they reach 270 degrees F. ok. i can do that. except my thermometer only reaches 220 degrees F. thankfully, in my sugar-induced, semi-sleep deprived state, i marched along positively, pulling the cooled substance until, around midnight, i had thirty pieces of lime oil-infused taffy (awesome kudos to the exploratorium, the san francisco children’s science museum, for this recipe)! this version comes out more like laffy taffy, and boyajian’s lime oil from sur la table added a citrusy punch to the stretchy and sweet pieces of pure caloric joy. 

monday evening, the a’s battled it out with the giants over in oakland. during the second inning, i nabbed russ springer and handed him a box of taffy. no one left the game with a missing tooth or cracked crown, and the entire team, highlighted by the swift pitching staff, played a great and exciting game. the fans cheered, some spilled their beer (like the guy behind me who doused my purse and brand new j.crew work pants with his budweiser), and most everyone wore a’s or giants gear. the most enjoyable part was the amount of positive energy surging throughout the coliseum all evening, something that rarely surfaces these days. maybe it’s because a certain owner is pulling a major league, what with paltry and boring advertising, no attempts to increase attendance, and a lack of bay area fandom. he may want to think about ways to harness and sell this rare yet amazing electricity back to the grid because there’s nothing better than renewable energy, and it’s something this team and its devoted fans need and deserve.

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You must be proud that one of you bullpen sweeties has been honored with an All Star selection. Will the Andrew Bailey’s Irish Cream Cake be making a return or will there be an all new treat to celebrate your All Star?

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