connect the dots

last night, a little boy and his dad sat a few seats to our right. during the seventh, the 4-year-old turned to his dad and said, “dad, if the second fielder moves over that way, does he become the first fielder?” with the way this game was going, this was just the perfect thing to liven my mood. dad then proceeded to explain the difference between the words “center” and “second.”

also, the fantastic ladies over at oakland a’s days posted about their recent dot race sighting, and for those of you who haven’t seen this massively adorable red, white, and blue face race, well, here ya’ go (select hq for the young mc overlay ). baker delivery details to follow later today or tomorrow!


What are these Dots? Are these dots supposed to resemble something, like in KC we have a hot dog race? The dots remind me of M&Ms.

I love seeing the young learning and interested about baseball! I’ve been teaching my 6 yr old brother. It’s a slow process but he’s getting it.

And I have never seen the dot races before! Omg, they are adorable! haha


The live dots are a reinvention of the old dot race they have on the big video screen. We had an old-school type one for awhile, and then a newer CGI one. Now, every few games, we have “live” dots racing on foot down the foul line. They don’t resemble much except large velour pillows.

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